Lanyards can lend a degree of professionalism to your brand. Lanyards can let other people know that you are a VIP, special guest or are allowed special privileges or access. People will also link this importance with your brand. Lanyards are popular with Sporting Events, Trade Shows, Expos and Festivals.


An ever increasing number of organizations are requiring their representatives to have photograph distinguishing proof with them at all times. Accordingly, we are seeing incremental interests for the utilization of lanyards.

Lanyards are used for a variety of different reasons, such as to carry identifications, store event programs or even to hold keys.

In some instances, they are an absolute necessity to have for security purposes and for allowing special provisions and access in an organization.

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1. For meetings, expos and other events that require identification, pick light weight lanyards with an alligator clip connection for the identification pocket

2. Choose sublimated full colour lanyards for maximum print customization and a multi colour print.

3. Use thick, durable lanyards with a separable clasp and safety breakaway clip for situations which involve ensuring the safety of the people wearing the lanyard. This includes being around machinery and vehicles.

4. For people who work in building, construction and security, a popular lanyard style is our hi visibility range. Combine this with a safety breakaway clip for added caution.

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Expos and trade shows are one of the most popular uses for lanyards. Lanyards are used every day in various situations for staff identifications as ID card holders. There are different colours and types used to differentiate between departments and the role they play in an organization.
Lanyards are an incredible marketing tool with minimal effort and ensures high visibility. It has become standard in businesses for employees to wear lanyards, from the CEO to vendor partners to contractors. Lanyards help maintain the professionalism and safety of an organization. Lanyards also help security personal to easily identify the role of an employee in an organization, whether they are a vendor, contractor or regular employee just by the different colours and prints they have on the lanyards. They prove to be useful in situations such as building access or admission to an secured area. So why not take advantage of the lanyard by including your company logo, advertising your organization or event and promoting your brand to a larger audience.
Custom lanyards are an effective way to promote your business or event. We can make lanyards that includes your name, logo, phone number and even mascot – all coordinated to your corporate colours. Employees and volunteers frequently wear customized lanyards around their necks when a company or organization requires that distinguishing proof is needed for identification. Custom lanyards let others know of your role and importance to an organization while simultaneously promoting the brand.
Lanyards allow quick identification, which is helpful and often necessary when there are many people with different levels of clearance and access. Branding the lanyard makes this process even easier. Whether it be wording on the lanyards or different colours assigned to different levels or departments, lanyards are an effective business and marketing tool.
If you are organizing a company event or managing an expo, custom lanyards with your business name and logo are great giveaways that guarantee your brand is remembered after the event is over. Handing out lanyards at the entrance of a show maximizes your brand awareness.