In need of custom made basketball uniforms that look and feel professionally done? Look no further. Mad Dog Promotions has you covered. Using high standard sublimation printing, our facilities in Perth, Australia can produce high quality and highly durable custom made basketball singlets. This technology along with the help of our expert design team produces colorful, striking and recognizable uniforms that are unmatched in the industry.

Custom Made Basketball Singlets & Uniforms – It’s all in the technique.

When it comes to custom made basketball uniforms there really is no substitution for sublimation. This technique dyes the fabric directly in the pattern of your choosing. Glued and iron-on patches are for amateurs. No longer will you have cheaply pasted patches and logos falling off your uniform while charging down the court. The resulting product from the sublimation process is a more comfortable, lighter, smoother, cleaner and more professional looking uniform.

Mad Dog knows that you have enough to deal with on the court, and how you look shouldn’t be one them. Don’t suffer the embarrassment of picking up your logo off the floor after a hard fought point. Get the uniform of your dreams without having to order overseas. Everything you need can be found at our facility in Perth, Australia at fair and affordable prices.

We encourage you to collaborate with our expert team who has years of design experience and practice under their belts to develop a truly unique custom made basketball singlet or jersey or anything else from our complete range of sports uniforms across Australia!

Who else can provide you with superior craftsmanship, expert knowledge and unbeatable prices in Australia like Mad Dog Promotions? If you’re looking for the best at the best price, then you’ve found them. Now you and your team will not only move like the pros, you can look like them too.

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