20 Mar



A sport is a physical activity carried out under an agreed set of rules with a recreational purpose. There is a common saying that “Sports teaches you about life- it teaches you character, it teaches you to play by rules, and it teaches you the feel of winning and losing”. Every school has a well trained coach to teach sports to the pupils, as physical activities plays a major role in a child’s growth. A popular choice of the students as well as the teachers for the school sports team is the leavers polo shirts. Wearing those colourful leavers makes them look alike and the team gains more confidence as they get noticed.

There are various sports at schools like football, field hockey, netball, base ball which are played both by boys and girls. When these sports are played as a team, it helps to develop team building behaviour from small age. Students can also participate in physical activities individually like athletics or gymnastics and showcase their talents.


I think the coach/teachers should know something about leavers polo; Leavers polo is designed in such a way to attract the students and make them motivated to win the game. You can choose your own style and colour of your choice for your team’s spirit. As leavers polo shirts are made out of 100% ring spun combed cotton, there will be no damage of the fabric. These garments are thinner and softer, have a higher-end feel and do not shrink. Since the material lies close to your skin, there is an easy air flow and long life is assured.

Designing a school leavers polo will have the Year designed along with the names printed and embroidered as per your choice. They are available in sizes from small to extra-large.

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