20 Jun

Everyone loves a free pen – top promotional merchandise

You’ve seen them being handed out everywhere. At corporate events, at charity functions, at races, sporting events and parties, you probably have one on your desk or maybe even holding one now. Branded promotional items are an effective way of getting your company’s logo, branding and marketing out and in the hands of your audience. Used correctly and strategically they are an invaluable marketing tool that keeps your company’s identity and existence on the forefront of the minds of your clients and prospects alike.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword and this is absolutely true when it comes to brand marketing. You can have your custom branded pens and other promotional products made in Perth, so that there is no need for overseas shipping. Keep everything close so that you can get your promotional items to you clients faster. Remember that for the most part people carry in their hands some sort of writing utensil throughout the day. Whether they are using it for work, taking notes in class, jotting down an order or simply twirling it around in their fingers. Pens make for a very appreciated freebie.

Acquiring promotional merchandise from Perth means that you can rely on the quality of the items. These items will after all reflect your company in some fashion. In this case, a pen is not just a pen, but a calling card and a way to remember you by. The truth is that everyone loves a free pen, while the monetary value of such a gesture may not be great, it is definitely an act that tells your audience, “Like this pen, we’ll be there when you need us to do the work.” In their hands is not just any other pen, it is potentially the start of your relationship with them.