21 Apr


Everyone in this world likes to be a ‘Centre of Attraction’ or to be ‘Noticed’. For this you have to do something exceptional to draw someone’s attention. In a common place, it is very important to choose on what we carry. Let’s think something new, let’s take something new! You don’t believe, for promotional ideas colourful Calico bags works wonders.

Calico Bags

calico bags perth

Calico is a plain-woven textile made from unbleached and often not fully processed cotton. The fabric is far less than muslin, but less coarse and think than canvas or denim. Comparatively these fabrics are still very cheap. Bags made out of Calico fabric are re-usable, washable and eco friendly. These bags are very attractive with full colour printed and are multi-purpose in use. We can say ‘No’ to plastic bags by replacing them with Calico Bags.

You can add in more leverage to this fabric as it listens what you say and they are user friendly too. This can be done by customizing their sizes, attaching handle and printing while stitching. The raw fabric can be dyed and printed in different patterns, so it is very easy for us to make our own style. Many have seen people wearing calico bags with short handles, long handles and as back packs.

Latest and Most Popular

Every time when you go out for a shopping, you see a passerby holding a custom printed shopping bag with the logo and the details of the seller which creates a vast thinking about that particular shop. There lie the marketing tricks; by creating favourable impressions with the consumers and make them walk-in towards their brand. Carrying a fashionable calico bag with full colour printed in your style will make others look at you. The latest and most popular way of the promotional concept is the custom calico bags with full colour digital branding on both or single side will definitely grab more attention.

They can be reusable in multiple ways like grocery shopping, wrapping parcels, to store accessories or to simply carry stuff from one place to another. If you are in need of a stable, loyal, lasting and reusable mode to carry stuff smoothly then you can’t go wrong with calico bags.