05 Jun

Get long term promotional benefits with stubby holders

On a sweltering hot day, there is nothing better than a cold, very cold canned beverage. Whether it is your favorite beer, cola or energy drink, nothing beats the heat that a cold one. But, as with all things in the heat the problem is that these cans tend to, well, heat up. That’s where stubby holders come into play. These cylindrical neoprene (that’s right the same material as wetsuits) sleeves hug and insulate your cold can of goodness and makes sure that it stays cold. Stubby holders are regularly found at parties, beach sides and events around the world. Their ability to keep things cool even in the hottest conditions makes them a perennial favorite. Now imagine the potential of exposing all these proud stubby holder owners and users to your branding and marketing.

It doesn’t take much to invest in a box full of promotional stubby holders emblazoned with your logo and slogans. They are a great way of reaching out to your clients and those around them. From a psychological perspective your company becomes synonymous with events surrounding that event and words like cool, refreshing and good times, circle around people’s minds when they think of you and your company.

Available in a variety of colors your custom made stubby holders can be matched to your company’s color palette, or you can go wild and get one in every color. These printed stubby holders use sublimation printing which ensures that your branding doesn’t fall off or fade from the stubby holders. Long-lasting, budget friendly and highly effective, including stubby holders in your arsenal of promotional items is sure to not only please your clients and prospects, but keep you on the forefront of their minds every time they take a sip of that cold refreshing drink.