06 Jul

Using personalised coffee mugs to promote your business

For the overwhelming majority of the population, the beginning of every day needs a shot of caffeine to get it going.  The hot and wakening brew is then placed in a mug and taken to desks, dining tables and cup holders in cars.  But it doesn’t end there, people often bring along their coffee mugs to boardrooms, play dates and strolls through the park.  So why not take advantage of this well-travelled piece accessory and get your branding on it.


Giving out promotional coffee mugs are a great way to build brand advocacy and recognition.  Chances are that this coffee mug will also be within arm’s reach of your customer or prospect throughout the day.  That’s a significant amount of time that your company’s logo and marketing is within you audiences field of vision.  Not only that, but it will also be on display for anyone else that walks by their desk or sit beside.


There is also a psychological effect that takes place when clients use your custom made coffee mugs, they unconsciously link the feeling of warmth, gratification and energy associated with that cup of coffee with your brand and company.


Printed coffee mugs with your logo, slogan or branding on it as quick and efficient way of marketing your company to the outside world and potential clients.  And unlike a television or radio commercial you will not have to spend thousands of dollars to get your name out there.  Distribute them within your own company to build loyalty, or hand them out in conferences or trade shows to build brand awareness, or give them out at community functions to not only promote your business within the community but to show that you are a proud member.  Whichever route you decide, take comfort in knowing that you are literally getting your brand into the hearts, minds and eyes of those that matter to your business.