19 Nov

10 Australian brands that are popular worldwide

Brands are what a person looks for when he or she think of a product or service. Branding can help a company build up its reputation. It’s more than just a logo; it’s a promise of a quality product or service.

In today’s fast paced life people tend to go with products or services that they have heard of or seen through branding, rather than sit and debate over which brand could be better. Different brands manufacture the same kind of products and the market is very competitive; effective branding can help set one product apart from the other and boost its reputation.

Here are some of the brands from our country that’ve made a place for themselves in the world:

  1. Vegemite

A sandwich spread made from leftover brewer yeast extract, Vegemite started in World War II as a good and healthy food for children. After the war and a little rebranding, the brand focused on the health benefits for people of all ages. It has become so popular that 22.7 million jars of Vegemite are produced every single year.

  1. Qantas

The Sydney based airline, Qantas Airways Limited, is the largest airline in Australia that flies people all over the world. The company started with just a small bi-plane that could only carry 4 passengers. Now Qantas has a fleet of over 100 planes, including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner; and flies to 20 local and 21 international destinations in 14 countries across the world.

  1. Foster’s Lager

This brand of Australian beer is actually more popular around the world than it is in Australia, its biggest market being the UK. In addition to using the eye-catching slogans such as “The Amber Nectar”, Foster’s went ahead to give a sponsorship to Norwich City F.C., an English football club in late 1980s, and also sponsors various F1 events regularly.

  1. Tim Tams by Arnott

Known as every Australian’s favourite biscuit, Tim Tams is a brand of biscuits manufactured by another famous brand, Arnott’s Biscuits. Arnott’s was already a leader in the Australian markets and this co-branding worked well in the favour of both the companies to expand their target audience.

Tim Tams tops the list of the world’s most popular biscuits and every year over 45 million packs of Tim Tams are sold just in Australia.

  1. Penfolds Grange

Started way back in the 1950s, Penfolds Grange is one of the Australia’s pioneering wineries and one of the most globally known brands. This 172-year old brand was recently named World’s Top wine brand by a poll conducted by the magazine, Drinks International.  Grange is highly popular among wine collectors!

  1. Coles

The supermarket chain, Coles is undisputedly the top supermarket of Australia. It was bought by Wesfarmers in 2007 and since then has started a highly successful rebranding, putting it among the top ten global Australian brands.

  1. UGG

Uggs, or Ugg Boots, is known for their unisex trademark sheepskin boots, that was manufactured originally in Australia and New Zealand. In the late 1970s, the brand was opened to the markets in the US and the UK where the unique boots caught the attention of the British and Americans. Its worldwide popularity has been increasing exponentially since then.

  1. Speedo

The top sports brand was originally a swimwear and swimming-related accessories manufacturer founded in Sydney in 1914. Today, Speedo manufactures everything from goggles, wrist watches, sportswear, footwear, digital music player and more.

Their strategy of invading different sports accessories market has made them one of the top sports brand of the world. Speedo is the sponsor of over 15 national swim teams spread in about 13 countries including the US, Canada, Japan, and of course, Australia!

  1. Aesop

The top Australian skin and body care, Aesop, is marketed in over 43 countries across the world. Founded in 1987, the brand aims at capitalizing on the fusion of plant-based as well as laboratory-based ingredients. Their co-dependence on science and nature has worked well for the brand.

Aesop aims at giving their customers a unique and special experience, which doesn’t even come close to that provided by any other cosmetic brand in the market.

  1. AC/DC

These rock legends are more than just a band with Australian roots, they’re also a popular brand all around the world. Some of the things registered under the AC/DC trademark and logo include neckties, beach dresses, light-up red devil horns, and baby bibs; they even have their own range of wines and high-end headphones. There’s even a Monopoly board game!

Each one of the brands mentioned above reap the success of the efforts they’ve put in their branding in the past. If you don’t invest enough time and resource in branding, it can result in either not finding your place in the market, losing customers, or even a new business not getting off the ground!