16 May

5 Promotional Products people love to get/receive:

5 Promotional Products people love to get/receive:

 Most people like free stuff, many of them accept freebies / gifts while a few may dismiss. So Companies began advancing their brands by offering promotional products to their representatives with their logo.

There comes a period when each organization needs an uncommon special thing past the conventional. Regardless of whether it’s for a major occasion, a representative or client blessing, or a totally unique reason, each organization needs that one thing that their intended interest group will love getting. What’s more, what happens when we adore something? We keep it. We utilize it. Furthermore, we frame positive relationship with it.

The promotion gifts which you give should be good, handy, daily usage to use again and again, audience viewable.

Mad Dog Promotion, identified the 5 Promotional products people love to get:


Popular because they are suitable for a wide range of events from festivals to weddings to reunions. Printed in Full Colour, there aren’t many products that can display your brand better than a stubby!





The coffee mug is a classic that has been a useful promotional tool for decades. If you look around your home or office, it’s very likely you’ll find some sort of branded coffee mug.




Popular because they are affordable and fit nicely into gift bags.



Popular because they hold all your other promotional products. Great for increasing your brand awareness at Trade Shows and Expos



Promotional air fresheners are the perfect giveaway item that everybody uses but no one really wants to buy. Hand them out at trade shows or conferences and soon see them swaying from rear view mirrors of vehicles everywhere. An amazing branding opportunity!

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