Custom Printed Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are a very popular item in the custom printed goods category. The reasons are obvious as it creates value and visibility among the audience. The bag you choose for your brand can be of any type but when it carries your logo or any conceptual design related to your business, it conveys the message about your brand quickly, and easily. Picking the right type of promotional bag is all that you need to do for executing a perfect marketing campaign within your budget.

You may still wonder, what these promotional bags will bring to your brand, and why there is so much hype about it?

Though it is a proven successful product, people are still in a kind of hesitation to decide on choosing these promotional bags for their brand. The reasons stated by them are, it appears to be costly, and they doubt its effectiveness. If you are looking for genuine eco-friendly bags for your brand, these promotional items are the perfect choice in all aspects. It is cost-effective, highly durable, causes no harm to the environment, and acts as an effective advertising tool. When more people carry it to different places, they itself become a mobile advertising board helping your brand reachability, and it brings ROI also through more and more customers.

Our design assistance will help you create your personalized promotional bag with your brand name, logo and message, etc. By taking your suggestions, and budget into consideration the bags can be made on any materials such as paper, nylon, canvas, jute, etc. with a unique style, shape, capacity, and colors.

At Mad Dog, we have a wide range of quality promotional bags to help businesses generate leads, make positive impressions, and increase brand awareness. As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right bags is all that you should do. Here are some of our custom printed promotional bags that could assist any business to achieve their goals.

Now let us explore each of them one by one.
Personalized Bags

The custom made personalized bags is a perfect suit for the businesses that are in a type of office setup. They are strong and durable, can be designed and made to any color with your company name, logo, message, and motifs.

You can provide these as backpacks, conference bags, traveler bags or waist pouch bags to the employees, prospective or existing clients for regular use. The bag is well appreciated for its value and usefulness.  The more people use it, the more promotion for your brand.

Non-Woven Bags  

Non-Woven Bags are the best affordable option for all your marketing events. The non-woven bags are of recycled materials,  it is environmentally friendly, and it can be made into any style as you wish. These non-woven bags are perfect as a tote bag.  We have nine different tote bag styles such as the satchel, shopping bags, fashion bags, gusseted, non gusseted, large, small, and gift bag. Though it is not highly durable, it is a great shopping bag which is a trendsetting one that can be used to carry moderate items.

Sports Bags


Our custom made sports bags are the printed promotional duffle bags. These are a great way to promote your team and sport, duffle bags can be made with high-quality fabrics, and your team name, player name, sponsors, etc. can be printed on it.

The duffle bags are tough and easy to carry all your sports materials in it. Now wherever you go, you may carry the spirit of the team, and sport along with you. There are also other bags available for sports like travel bags you can personalize it of your choice.

Calico Bags

From all promotion items, calicos are the most lightweight bags. It provides enough space for carrying less quantity. These bags made from cotton, jute, reusable canvas materials and it can be superb delegates for your brand These bags are handy on numerous occasions such as school library bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, carry bags, etc. comes with short and long handles.  You can print your name, logo, and any message on it for your brand promotions. The people will happily take it because these bags are highly convenient and will serve them for many more years.

Eco bags  

Eco Bags as a promotional item is a gift for those who like to be eco-friendly. Giving a promising item as a part of your promotion brings a certain value, and trust for your brand, by exhibiting the audience how much you care for the environment.

It is highly sustainable and connects you with your audience in a more positive way. The reusable bag made up of natural jute or paper material will give you an advantage on the budget part as well, by eliminating the amount spent on one-use bags. These brilliantly finished items have a great reputation among the people, and it is an excellent option as a giveaway on the trade shows, which leads to the  ROI.

These are several options that exist for you to decide and bring more visibility, reputation, and awareness for your brand. Nonetheless, the bag you choose comes second. Studies demonstrate that consumers are generally always showing a great level of interest in promotional items since it is attractive and useful but it is highly effective for you as well. So if you make up your mind by this time on promotional items, reach out to mad dog prints and take your brand to new heights!