01 Jul

Promotional lanyards for long term marketing benefits

Surely you’ve experienced the horrifying ordeal of misplacing your keys, passcard or ID badge.  Guess what?  Your customers do it too.  What you all need is a lanyard to keep things handy and close by.  Never let your important objects stray away from you.  That’s the best thing about promotional lanyards there’s only positive things to say about them.


Imagining handing them out at conference events or trade shows so that everyone can pin their name badge on them.  Instant marketing and brand awareness.  Now not only will your name and logo be in full display throughout the event, but it cannot be overlooked as people’s eyes have to stray near it to look at others name tags.


While conferences, events and work type functions are the primary places you can find custom printed lanyards, you can also use them to expand your reach.  Keys, badges and passcards are not the only things that you can attach lanyards onto.  Pens, flashlights and ponchos are only a couple of examples of things that you can strap a lanyard onto.  You don’t have to restrict your exposure to the office space.  By branching out you can increase the number of people and places where your brand and marketing is seen.


The bottom line is that promotional lanyards are not just marketing items, they are useful and functional, and your clients will truly appreciate them.  The best part is that their use does not end at the event.  People tend to reuse them and strap them on their personal belongings long after the final speech at the conference, meeting or trade show.  On the financial end the ROI (return on investment) of these lanyards is pretty high.  For a relatively small investment, you are able to get your name into the hands, around the necks, in the pockets and in front of the eyes of your customers.