29 Jun

Benefits of promotional business magnets

Simultaneously decorative and functional, magnets are a much appreciated giveaway for almost anybody. They can be placed and displayed on almost any metal surface within the home and workplace. They are deceptively durable and are highly visible and should definitely be a part of your arsenal of promotional products.

The beauty about business card magnets is that they are so easy to distribute. Unlike ordinary business cards, promotional business cards reject the wallet but beg to be placed in an area where it is bound to get noticed. Their relatively small size means that you can carry a bunch around with you without taking up too much space. They are like highly portable business signs and can be easily mailed out to clients and prospects affordably and with ease.

Printed magnets are a very cost efficient way of creating brand awareness. Since they cost so little to produce they have a high ROI (return on investment) potential due to their visibility. In the language of advertising it is said that they have “low cost per impression”.

Fridge magnets can be made into almost any shape and size so you have the freedom to design it in a manner that will truly reflect your companies image. Highly customizable graphics allows you to not only put your logo but any marketing slogan you wish. Remember that to the majority of people this magnet will be their introduction to you and your business. Make it count, make it memorable, make it fun and make it your own.

Rest assured that when you give out your promotional magnets they will find themselves on the fridges, cabinets and desks of your audience. So make sure that the next time you attend a conference, trade show, meeting or party, you should have a dozen or more of these promotional items close at hand.