Promotional Products for Your Trade Show Giveaway

A trade show presents you with a wonderful platform to showcase your products and services, meet potential customers, and explore new market opportunities. When you participate in a trade show, you want to make the most of the opportunity and attract your target audience. One way of driving traffic to your booth, is to hang out promotional items, or giveaways. They’re great for piquing the attendees’ interest and promoting your brand.

Choosing the right promotional items can be a bit tricky. You need a memorable product that will serve the purpose without exceeding your budget. So how do you choose the best products that are worth the investment and provide value to the customer even after the show?

Decoding the perfect promo product

For starters, determine what you want to achieve by using promotional merchandise. The obvious reason is attracting people to your booth. That aside, is there any other reason? If there is some specific goal that you want to accomplish, such as introducing a new product or improving your brand’s recognition, you’ll know exactly what kind of product to choose.

The next step is to look for items that have some sort of connection to your product or service. It should serve as a reflection for the brand image that you wish to depict. Instead of handing out physical products, you can even print a brochure with lots of ideas and tips for your customers’ needs. This will help them and also showcase your own expertise in your domain. This works, especially, if yours is a consultation or service industry.

Once you have decided on the product, reach out to companies who deliver manufactured merchandise. You can discuss your requirements with them and find something within your budget parameters. They may also help you create custom designs which reflect your brand voice. Always use high-quality products that will be in use long after the show.

Some incredible promo product ideas for your next trade show or fair:

Pens: A classic choice. Customize the pens with your brand logo or design. The more your clients use them, the better. They’ll get familiar with your brand name and logo as they write with the pens month after month.

Stubby holders: These beer holders offer great familiarity and help develop your customer base. A good-quality stubby holder that lasts long will persistently market your brand or product in style.

Mugs: Ceramic or glass mugs offer a stylish way to showcase your logo. You can also choose sturdy plastic mugs. These mugs will sit at your customer’s desk or table every day and boost your brand without burdening your budget.

Lanyards: Badges and lanyards are traditional staples for conventions, trade fairs and company functions. They can be produced at short notice and offer a lovely space to display your design or logo. Choose from different colors and widths to suit your requirements.

Drink bottles: Water bottles and sports bottles are something that lots of people will love and use. With a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from, you can advertise your business with ease. Personalize them with your logo to get noticed wherever the client goes.

Next time, you visit a trade show, make sure you flaunt your products and services in style and see those sales numbers sky-rocketing!