12 Jun

Promotional products and you

A customer would be hard pressed to forget your brand or logo when it is literally in the palm of their hand. So what’s holding you back? Brand recognition is a fancy term which simply means that you should get your logo, brand and marketing in your customers face as much as possible. And, since people have been selling things they have come up with ingenious ways to get people to pay attention to their products or services. Criers, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, billboards, ads in magazines, ads in newspapers, ads in TV commercials. The list goes on and on. However, there is one type of promotion that directly places your branding in the customer’s line of site and keeps it there.

If you are not familiar with promotional products then just think back to a time, perhaps it was at a trade convention, a supplier luncheon or even walking past a street team on the way to work, and you were handed a physical object with the company’s logo or branding. In a time when we are constantly being bombarded by digital, virtual and social distractions, you most likely paid close attention at the thing that you could touch and hold in your hands. And, this is why promotional products play are such a significant marketing tool today. It gives customers and prospective clients a way to remember you and your company every time they interact with the product.

Take the stubby holder for example. These innocent bottle and can holders keeps beverages cool in the hottest of days. It already has a positive feeling associated with it. So why not piggybacking on this emotion by having your company logo or branding on it. Rest assured that it will see use, and often in social gatherings where many eyeballs will be on it.

Coffee mugs are no brainers. For the majority of people out there, whether they be office workers, construction workers or homemakers, their coffee mugs are no more than an arm’s length away from them throughout the day. The coffee mug has become prime advertising real estate as it can not only be seen by the individual it was given to but to anyone else in their immediate vicinity. Printed coffee mugs reside on desks, board rooms, car cup holders and stroller cup holders alike. The exposure compounds the moment they take it on the go.

Printing your logo on tote bags gives you the opportunity to turn your customers into walking branding campaigns. Tote bags are highly functional, people like to use them and frequently. Unlike stubby holders and coffee mugs, tote bags are usually big enough to carry multiple medium sized items in. This means that your logo can be seen at a greater distance.

Promotional products are an excellent and efficient way to get your name out there and make sure that it is remembered. It is reinforced by building an emotional connection between your brand and something that brings them pleasure and convenience.